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Server Side Factors


Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transmitted in a given amount of time. The Bandwidth differs when it comes to digital devices and analogue, so for example for digital devices the bandwidth is usually in bits per second, whereas  analogue is usually cycles per second or Hertz. that. If you use a low bandwidth connection, then it can seem a very slow wait for pages to load, so for example if you had a 10 Mbps connection  you could around send  4.5 GB of data in an hour, whereas having a 20 Mbps you could send around 9GB in an hour or under.

Number of hits

A hit is basically the retrieval of an item such as a page or image from a web server, so for example if a user requests a page that has 6 images on it, then that would be classed as 7 hits. This is because it is classed as one hit for the page and then however many for images/graphics etc, but the more you request at once from the web server the more likley it is to take longer so say if a user wanted to requests a page that has lets say 20 images, this is more likley to take longer to load, rather then a page that may have 6 for example.

File types

There are many different file types, which can range from bitmap, vector,jpg, gif etc and file type is what a file contains so this may be in the form of a document images etc. To identify a file the computer will use something called a file extension which will identify the paticular type of file. So for example  a jpeg” file,  is more compressed and of  a lower quality compared to a wav file, therefore it would take a shorter time to load, so the more compressed and low quality a file is the less time it will take to load in comparison to a file which is of high quality.

Executions to be performed before Page load

When a webpage is loaded, it has to go and get such things as the Css style, images and everything else that goes with it, so when it is actually loaded users may feel that it is poor execution because it has taken so long to load, but a way of making faster would then be to start using javascript which will immediatley speed the process of exexcution

Download Speed

Download speed from a user’s side, is how long it takes a webpage to load, once requested.  The measurement for time it takes to load the page and speed of the page  is different for two different web pages on the same Internet connection, so for example having a slow internet connection or having a computer which has a lot stored on it is likely to slow it down maybe causing a webpage to time out, so it is best to get the best connection as possible, even though this cost more but it more likely to give you a much quicker and stronger download speed.

PC Peformance Factors;

Cache Memory

Cache Memory is basically Random Access Memory that a CPU can access more quicker than it would regular RAM, the  CPU will then use cache memory to store instructions that are required to run programs etc, you will find that a larger cache will operate at a specific and high speed, and are considered to be the core of the CPU. Other caches however will simply differ and may be slow.

Processor Speed

Processor Speed, which can be known otherwise as clock speed, is the speed in which the microprocessor executes given intructions. The CPU has a fixed number of ticks in which to execute instructions, so the faster the clock the better as more instructions can then be executed. So for example 2 CPu’s may have the same clock speed much may not perfrom the same as some will have a much faster microprocessor meaning that a single caculation can be performed in one tick, but with technology advancing some microprocessors are not even superscalers which means they can execute more then one instruction per clock cyle.

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